the atlas

by devthbed

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released August 11, 2017

all music written by: devthbed
lyrics by: tyron ignacio
recorded mixed and mastered by: cody fuentes of rapture recordings
album artwork by: ben hoagland



all rights reserved


devthbed California

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Track Name: the wanderer
another day in a daze
another false excuse
another grave without a name
another wasted youth
coward, fraud, worthless dog
they say to count your blessings but i haven’t had enough

this is a new war
for new gods
for worse odds but i’d rather die than stay here to rot
this is the new moon
and she lusts for blood
the new tide is rising
to swallow you up

and is it fine if i
excuse myself this time
i long for solitude
to rid myself of you

walking on a tight rope
how i long for the other side
they say i’m better off forgetting
victims of their own advice

it’s never enough
what are you searching for
i’ll fall before i reach the sun
it’s never enough
what are you hoping for
i’m drowning underneath the waves

face away
turning tail
i swear that i’ve been hypnotized watching the sky through a window
you're all cowards, frauds and worthless dogs
they say to count your blessings but i haven’t had enough
Track Name: the stairwell
good samaritan
heaven sent to put me in my place
i need deliverance
show me the error of my ways

you wear it on your face but the colors run
another trend, another fake over more spilled blood

how can you mend my wounds
from somewhere safe and sound
i still feel empty from your hand me downs

i hope you choke on your words
spare me your concern

self righteous worm
spare me your concern
good samaritan
heaven sent to put me in my place
Track Name: the lantern
it’s always felt like i’m standing in place
waiting for the blurry pictures to change
everybody seems to see things clear
but the image always stays the same
It eats from the inside
soon i’ll be swallowed whole
it’s eating me alive
swallowed into the void

for so long
i’ve been empty
too numb
to feel anything
take me away from here
and show me something real
I’ve been picking myself apart
d`igging my fingers til’ i reach the bone
reaching my hands deeper into the skin
searching for answers that i’ll never know
i just want to move forward
but I’m cemented in place
i just want to feel whole
the void will always stay
i just want to know what’s real
take me away
I’ve been empty for so long
losing touch and going numb
i will never see things clear
into the void I’ll disappear
Track Name: the specter
i’m going to cut you out
lights out
my head is rushing
lights out
my hands won’t stop shaking
i’ve been keeping myself down
but it’s all i can feel now

i’m going to cut you out even if it kills me

at last
i’m finally paying you back with every lesson i’ve learned
this is the hell you’ve earned
at last
i can breathe again
now it’s your turn to feel the hurt

this is the hell you’ve earned
i’m going to watch you burn
god damn it feels so fucking good

i can’t remove myself from faults
that stay with me underneath my skin
i can’t force myself to be any better
or let any light in

i can’t say that i blame you
but you’re the reason my soul split in two
but you’re the reason i can’t see things through
i should have listened but it’s in my blood
and i can’t find the pieces i need to make me whole

now it’s my turn to watch you burn

finally my sanity has slipped and you will fucking see
that after all you did to me
don’t be surprised
you had this coming
Track Name: the dark
the lines begin to blur
where i’m standing on the edge
part of the vicious cycle
is all i am in the end

am i more of the monsters
than i ever was of you
or am i just another harvest
when the toll is due

tell me how far can you see into the dark
forever to remain
there are monsters waiting patiently
to tear us all apart

were the choices ever mine to make
or were they written in stone
part of the vicious cycles
i’m helpless to my fate

like a moth to a flame
my wings have burned away
overwhelmed and paralyzed
the voice goes on to say

i am the hand that holds the dagger
i am beyond what you can see
i am agony manifested
i am the hell beneath your feet
stained, forever to remain